Where to go ice skating and sledding in Tahoe South

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Living in South Lake Tahoe, I view myself as an unofficial ambassador whenever I find myself sharing a chairlift with a visitor enjoying our beautiful mountain paradise. I am often asked where my favorite local spots are, and where families can find winter activities off the slopes. Since chances are we won’t happen to share a chairlift, here’s a quick introduction to places to go ice skating and sledding in Tahoe.

Sledding and Ice Skating in Tahoe
Sledding in Tahoe | Photo by Markus Spiering via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Sledding in Tahoe at a resort

There are snow parks where you can pay to go sledding in South Lake Tahoe, like Adventure Mountain at the top of Echo Summit, but those will costs you a few bucks and they can get really crowded on weekends.

To their credit, Tahoe snow parks like Adventure Mountain do offer some perks. If you don’t own a sled you can rent one.  There’s also a lodge so you can really make a day of sledding in Tahoe.  Along with Adventure Mountain, you can also check out Hansen’s Resort, which is located right on Ski Run Boulevard in Tahoe South.

Sledding in South Lake Tahoe for free

In the free, “just a basic sled hill” category, here are some other spots to check out.

Sawmill Pond: Sawmill Pond is a popular family destination year-round in Tahoe South. At the Y, rather than turning to go onto Highway 50, just keep going on Lake Tahoe Boulevard and you’ll eventually come to Sawmill Pond on your left. There’s a small parking lot and a very gradual hill you can sled down. It’s a great sledding spot for young kids. If you’ve got daredevils looking for an adrenaline rush, you may want to try another sledding spot.

Kahle Park: This is a great spot to sled and carries with it the advantage of being in a wide-open public park. Driving from California and into Nevada, Kahle Park will be on your right just after you pass Lakeside Casino. There are also indoor facilities at Kahle Community Center if you need to warm up, and from Kahle Park you get to enjoy some views of Lake Tahoe.

Ice skating in the Heavenly Village Lake Tahoe
Ice skating in the Heavenly Village | Photo by Jamie Kingham

Ice skating in Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Village: No spot is as picturesque for ice skating in South Lake Tahoe as Heavenly Village with holiday lights strung all around and music playing. Ice skates are available for rent and you can even buy day or season passes.

Edgewood on Ice: Edgewood on Ice is an awe-inspiring ice skating experience in South Lake Tahoe. From winter-inspired fare to sipping a cocktail while enjoying the alpine views, Edgewood on Ice will become a family tradition for years to come.

South Lake Tahoe Recreation Complex: Located just off Highway 50, you can ice skate for $13 at this indoor facility if you have your own ice skates. With rentals $15 and it’s free for kids 5 and younger.

Sawmill Pond: You can make a day of Sawmill Pond. Sled for a bit and then it’s the perfect place for ice skating in Lake Tahoe. But be careful. Don’t tread out onto the water until you know it’s safe. After a big storm, the pond will be covered in snow. Locals often clear it and when it is cleared the pond is great for ice skating. Know how to check to be sure the ice is thick enough or check with others to ensure they’ve already done the checking.

Come enjoy our winter playground. Take it from me – an unofficial Tahoe ambassador.

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