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Planning is difficult. Between research, getting all parties to agree, and booking, planning can be quite a laborious undertaking. Enter Adventurette. We will plan bachelorette parties, monumental birthdays and girl’s getaways to Lake Tahoe. We will take care of organizing everything – lodging, activities, nightlife, transportation and dining if you wish, for a set fee. We will provide custom gift bags for each attendee that will include swag, coupons, snacks, alcohol and an Adventurette welcome letter.

Lake Tahoe is unique with the abundance and variety of world class outdoor activities with a world class nightlife to match. We feel that not only is this the perfect location but that there is a market for women who want these types of trips as well. We’ll start by offering skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winter. Summer activities will include hiking, mountain biking, boat charters, kayaking, SUP, rock climbing, ATV tours and horseback riding. For the non-adventurous attendees, we will offer spa packages, shopping outings, and beach parties. The bachelorette party doesn’t have to skimp on the traditional fun during this adventure. We can arrange VIP bottle service at the nightclubs for a 24/7 party.

Bachelorette parties already come to Lake Tahoe and set things up on their own. They constantly look to locals for advice on outdoor activities, hot spots and places to eat. We will be their one stop shop. We can customize itineraries based on the desired activities of the group and set everything up for them to create a seamless and stress-free stay, full of both Tahoe daytime and nightlife experiences.

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