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Tahoe South Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lake Tahoe is a national treasure because it’s one of the world’s largest, deepest, and clearest mountain lakes. Lake Tahoe is 22 miles long, 11 miles wide and the lake is in a 501-square-mile watershed. The communities surrounding Lake Tahoe have grown up because of the protection of its natural beauty and year-round recreational opportunities. The U.S. Forest Service and State of Nevada and California agencies manage nearly 85 percent of the Tahoe watershed land. The rest is private property.

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Lake Tahoe.

Can I visit Lake Tahoe?

Do I have to wear a mask?

  • YES! Both California & Nevada are under a mask requirement (especially unvaccinated visitors) when in public spaces.

Can I visit my second home?

  • YES.

Are restaurants open?

  • In Stateline, NV, onsite indoor dining, with 100 percent maximum seating capacity.
  • In South Lake Tahoe, Calif., open indoors at 50% capacity or 200 people whichever is fewer.
  • Please respect workers by wearing a mask as much as possible.

Is there a maximum group size I can hang out with?

  • In California, for the orange tier, outdoor events can expand to 100 people, and up to 300 outdoors and 150 indoors if tested or vaccinated. (Orange Tier, under the California blueprint for a safer economy)
  • In Nevada, public gatherings can be held in the Silver State under strict requirements, please see updated guidance here.

On June 15, California will fully reopen its economy across the state if:

Are hotels open? Can I rent a house?

  • Hotels and lodging are open with modifications.
  • Please contact accommodations directly for information and availability.
  • Tahoe South Lodging.

Is the bus still available? Transit?

What is the status of special events at Tahoe?

  • Many special and annual events and large gatherings at Lake Tahoe have been canceled, postponed, or rescheduled. Please check with the specific event host or location for the latest information.

Do I need to cancel my wedding, family reunion, etc.?

  • In El Dorado County, (South Lake Tahoe) California, is now in the orange tier which does not allow for large gatherings. More information.
  • In Nevada, larger gatherings can be held in the Silver State under strict requirements, please see updated guidance here.
  • Depending on the location of your event it may or may not be postponed. Please check with your location host for more details.

What is the Weather Like in Tahoe South?

Average Highs and Lows:

High Low
Jan 37 16
Feb 39 18
Mar 44 21
Apr 50 26
May 60 32
Jun 69 38
Jul 79 43
Aug 79 42
Sep 80 37
Oct 58 31
Nov 47 24
Dec . 40 19

How do I get to Tahoe South?

What to do in the Summer? If you can think of something, you can probably do it here in the summer!

What to do in the Winter?

When does Ski Season begin and end at Lake Tahoe?

  • Usually, Ski Season begins by Thanksgiving (late November) and ends mid-April.

What Ski Resorts are at South Lake Tahoe?

What is the difference between South Shore and North Shore of Lake Tahoe?

  • Both sides of the Lake are amazing. South Lake Tahoe has more options for Lodging, Dining, Recreation, and Nightlife.

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Other Lake Tahoe Facts

  • Lake Tahoe is the North American Continent’s largest Alpine lake; 22 miles long, 12 miles wide, and covers a surface area of 191.6 square miles, and has 72 miles of shoreline.
  • At lake level, annual snowfall in South Lake Tahoe averages 125 inches. At alpine skiing elevations, the snowfall averages 300 to 500 inches each year.
  • Lake Tahoe is 2/3 in California and 1/3 in the State of Nevada.
  • The Lake’s surface is 6,226.95 feet above sea level and the natural rim is 6,223 feet above sea level, making it the highest lake of its size in the United States.
  • Mt. Tallac at 9,735 feet is the highest peak rising from the shoreline. The highest point in the Tahoe Basin is Freel Peak at 10,881 feet.
  • Lake Tahoe is the 3rd deepest lake in North America and the tenth deepest in the world. Tahoe’s deepest point is 1,645 feet near Crystal Bay. The average depth of Lake Tahoe is 989 feet.
  • The estimated 39.75 trillion gallons of water contained in the lake is 99.9 percent pure, with visibility to 75 feet below the surface.
  • Lake Tahoe is, geologically, a “young lake” having been formed 10,000 to 11,000 years ago.
  • Glaciers are responsible for carving out the broad U-shaped valleys that hold Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake, and Cascade Lake.
  • 63 streams flow into Lake Tahoe, but only one, the Truckee River, run past Reno and into Pyramid Lake.
  • Lake Tahoe loses much of its water to evaporation. If the water that evaporates from the lake every 24 hours could be recovered, it would supply the daily requirements of a city the size of Los Angeles.
  • Lake Tahoe Water Temperature:  Although the summer’s heat can warm the upper 12 feet to a comfortable 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Lake Tahoe never freezes over in the winter; this is due to the constant 39 degrees Fahrenheit, maintained at depths below 700 feet, largely because of the constant movement and volume of water.

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