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Winter driving tips

The calendar may say it's Halloween, but it looks like Mother Nature is planning to deliver South Lake Tahoe some snow for an early Christmas gift! While we don't expect early season snow to stick around too long, the first storms are always exciting and get everyone thinking about the (undoubtedly epic) upcoming ski season.

Winter Driving Forecast Map
Photo via @NWS Sacramento

We locals may be in our living rooms waxing boards and tuning skis, but if you're planning on coming up for the weekend, we’d like you to get here as safely as possible. To that end, here are a few tips about winter driving:

The Basics

  • Check road conditions before you leave home.
  • Drive slowly, and avoid sudden actions like breaking, acceleration, or turns.
  • Give plenty of following distance.
  • Be mindful of other drivers on the road – especially at intersections.
  • Carry chains – and know which tires they go on. And how to put them on.
  • Remember, a “4 wheel drive” vehicle does not have “4 wheel stop.”

Check and Double-check the latest road conditions

And, if despite your best efforts, you do find yourself in a slide, let off your brakes. Your ABS could lock up your wheels. Turn your wheels in the direction that the rear of your car is sliding. And remember to breathe.

Be safe, and have fun this winter!

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Georgette Hartley

Georgette loves adventuring outdoors and can usually be found exploring the trails, lakes, and peaks of the Sierra Nevada with her family.


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