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Sparkle from Eyes to Mask

When a pandemic hits the best practice is one of consideration.  Learn more about how Lake Tahoe Yoga is adjusting to the changes brought on by Covid-19.

Hands Off

Lake Tahoe Yoga on the Beach

One of the best parts of sharing the practice at Lake Tahoe Yoga is receiving physical adjustments.  All of the teachers trained at the Lake Tahoe Yoga School learn how to provide supportive and effective adjustments that help you to either deepen or develop awareness during your practice.  

Well, we can't be doing all that touching anymore.  To be honest, I am really liking the six foot rule and the reduction in hugging.  Growing up, hugs were a rarity (only for close family and friends), and standing six feet from someone to have a conversation was normal.  I like being able to see your whole person.

Honor this opportunity to experience how being physically distant affects you.  This is a circumstance in which to evaluate your feelings about being touched.  Some people really love hugs and being within close proximity while others prefer to save touch for those with whom they feel intimately connected.  This is a good time to observe both your needs and to become more considerate of those of others.

Keep It Clean

Lake Tahoe Yoga

Yoga studios are notorious for sharing.  We share space, tools, products, thoughts, philosophy, and conversations.  We can continue to share the latter, but spaces and tools have to change. 

What do you really need?  Sometimes I watch the show Hoarders.  I try to put myself in the mindset of those who collect.  One of my practices is “want or need.”  When considering buying something new, swapping out my Winter clothes for Summer, or when something breaks and needs to be replaced I think to myself, “Is this something I want, or something I need?”

Clearing out your house, closets, car, office, etc. can help to not only open up space, it can also give you the ability to clean dirt, grime, and bacteria that are hiding.  As I evaluate the tools and materials that I use at my studio, I am considering what is needed, what is clean, what is washable, and what can be eliminated.

Just Breathe


Yes, it is more difficult to breathe when something is covering your nose and mouth.  Engaging in physical activity with a mask on is no one's preferred way of doing so.  Getting sick is a way bigger bummer.  I like to breathe.  I enjoy being healthy and active.  I would rather wear a mask than get or give Covid-19.  

Find a mask that is an expression of you, how you feel, what you're thinking, or spreads joy.  Make it an additional accessory that expresses who you are.  Work on making your eyes sparkle, stretch out your upper face muscles and express your third eye.  

Let's practice together while remaining considerate of the effect we could have on those around us.  Stay and keep others safe by wearing a mask while in groups and classes.

Join In

Paddleboard and kayak on Lake Tahoe

There are so many activities that we can do together at a lowered risk.  Stay close to home and choose to play outside rather than spending time indoors.  Host back-yard, physically distanced, BYO events for your close friends.  Choose take-out instead of dine-in.  Order and get curbside pick-up instead of going to the store.  

From Yoga sessions to fitness classes, you can now find just about any activity as a virtual event.  Bliss Experiences offers guided virtual events with a focus on self-improvement and wellbeing.  You can toast your friends from afar with virtual happy hours over Zoom.  Staying aware of local news has been made easy with Facebook Live.  You can now attend virtual meetings that you may never have been able to get to in person before.  Counselors, therapists, and life coaches are available with more flexible schedules due to reduced travel time.

Imagine the ways in which the virtual world, safe health practices and the lifestyle you enjoy can combine.  Then, take action and sparkle from eyes to mask.

If you're considering attending a Yoga Asana class or want to know about what to expect when you join in check out these FAQs or book an Evaluative Session to learn more.

Originally Published on LakeTahoeYoga.com

By Jenay Aiksnoras, ERYT500, MS Counseling, LTYLTD, Bliss Experiences The Realignment Coach

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Jenay Aiksnoras

Jenay Aiksnoras, RYT is the director at Lake Tahoe Yoga. When she's not in the studio, during the spring, she is out running the trails through the forest, riding her road bike around town and mountain biking. For information about classes or private sessions, visit Lake Tahoe Yoga.com.


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