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Breathe In Autumn

I grew up in New England.  So I might be biased, but there's something incredibly special about fall in the East.  Maple leaves, maple syrup, pumpkin patches and apple trees all have a special place in my heart.  Now, living in the land of arid climates and high alpine forest, I sometimes lament about what I used to have.  And then, I remember where I live.

Autumn in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe. Photo by @kaynasci, via Instagram

After Labor Day, Lake Tahoe takes on a whole new vibe.  As the crisp, fall air drifts in each morning and the warmth of the sun is felt later and later in the day, peacefulness arrives. The hundreds of boats crisscrossing the lake are gone.  The average driving speed has slowed, once again.  Each of us takes a deep breath and slows down.

Breathe in Autumn, literally

A supportive resting pose for reflection. Photo: Jenay Aiksnoras

This is Yoga, my friends.  This is honoring what we have and enjoying the present.  As we sit back and review all the hard work of the summer, this is Yoga.  Our lives in this community are cyclical, just like the flow of life.  As yogis, it is our duty to recognize our habits, patterns and hurdles.  Living in South Lake Tahoe offers a unique perspective on this practice. Every summer, we work, we play, and we sell.  We rest, in the fall.  Every winter, we burn the midnight oil and rise with the dawn to hit the slopes.  In the spring, we pause, again.

During these pauses, these moments of rest, there is an opportunity to learn.  Yoga is the practice of understanding who you are – of understanding your habits and changing them.  As autumn settles in upon us, enjoy the peace and quiet.  Sit back and look upon yourself.  As the seasons change, maybe you will, too.

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Jenay Aiksnoras

Jenay Aiksnoras, RYT is the director at Lake Tahoe Yoga. When she's not in the studio, during the spring, she is out running the trails through the forest, riding her road bike around town and mountain biking. For information about classes or private sessions, visit Lake Tahoe Yoga.com.


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