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Spring hike to Skunk Harbor

To be honest, spring is coming quickly to Lake Tahoe.  The warm weather has provided some great opportunities to hike to places like Skunk Harbor!  It’s doable in snow, but easier without.  Skunk Harbor is an inlet on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and considered a hidden beach on the lake.  The harbor can get crowded in the summer, but it’s an absolutely great place to spend a morning or afternoon in Tahoe.

With a decision to make, whether to hit the slopes or take the dogs for a hike, we decided the dogs got our verdict.  Once at the beach trail head, we packed up our Granite Rocx Backpack Cooler, leashed up the pups and were on our way down to Skunk Harbor.  This is perfect place to advantage of your Granite Rocx pack because it’s about a mile hike into the beach.  You’ll hike down with spectacular lake views.  The fire road is pretty wide with cut through paths on the way down to shorten your trip.   It’s an easy hike.

Skunk Harbor Spring Hike

Skunk Harbor Spring Hike

We got to the beach and relaxed.  The pups got wild and crazy, as usual.  There was tons of activity in the air and on the water.  We saw a boat come in and dock for a bit.   There were helicopters flying by and even a sweet water plane!  This was so cool.  We stayed for a few hours and then made our way back up hill to the car.

Skunk Harbor Spring Hike

Skunk Harbor Spring Hike

Skunk Harbor is easy to get to. From South Lake Tahoe, take Highway 50 into Nevada and follow through Cave Rock.  Continue up Highway 50 and make a left onto Highway 28 towards Incline Village.  A few miles down you’ll see a turnout on the left.  There will be a green gate.  Park in one of the turnouts along the highway but do not block the gate.

Skunk Harbor Spring Hike

Skunk Harbor Spring Hike Water Plane

This was actually my first time to Skunk Harbor.  What a great place.  It’s totally peaceful with amazing views of the lake and surrounding Sierras.  Have you been to Skunk Harbor?  If so, make a comment below!

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Stephen Berei

Stephen founded  Granite Rocx LLC with Sophia Berman, and their super-cool backpack can carry a folding chair along with a cooler – perfect for Tahoe! He lives in Zephyr Cove, NV and hikes and skis as often as he can. Follow Stephen on Twitter and his personal blog.


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