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Flowers create colorful path to Showers Lake

- Kathryn Reed (Originally published via LakeTahoeNews.net on July 3, 2014)

Showers Lake is so idyllic that it is one of the more sought after resting points for hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail.
The terrain is flat, which is ideal for pitching a tent. While the water is colder than Lake Tahoe, one guy said it felt warm to him because he had been swimming at lakes even higher in elevation. Showers Lake is at 8,560 feet.
Trail to Shower Lake,  Tahoe South Lots of open space along this route.

Kim and Susan arrived before us. A woman asked them if they minded nudity. Nope. And off she went for a skinny dip.

We had hiked in with Lisa and Ken, whom we unexpectedly ran into at the trailhead. Lisa likes the start of the hike because it doesn’t seem like the typical Tahoe trek because of the expansiveness, greenery and volcanic rock. Sue and I had to agree with her impression.

Trail to Shower Lake, Tahoe South
Showers Lake in the foreground, then Lake Tahoe.
Shower Lake
Showers Lake is a popular overnight spot for PCT hikers. 

There were plenty of wildflowers to gawk at on Saturday, though Lisa and Kim – two veterans of this hike – said what we were seeing was nothing compared to a non-drought year. After the last heavy snow year there were flowers reaching 6-feet into the air. Nothing was close to that this year.  Continue reading on LakeTahoeNews.net.

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