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5 things I learned from my epic fail

I recently suffered a serious ankle sprain which has left me on the couch and yoga mat instead of on the pavement for almost two months. I somehow have made it through with my sanity relatively intact.

Here are some things I learned along the way:

  1. Listen to your doctors. I promised myself-- and my mother--that I would listen to the doctors and not push myself. You will be happy you listened to them. And your mother will be happy too.
  2. Explore other activities. I know this is going to sound very shocking, perhaps even unbelievable to some of my running friends but there is more to life than running. Maybe take up the cello. There is a whole world full of things to do that aren’t running. It’s radical, I know. You could start by checking out the local events calendar.
  3. Focus on your nutrition. For me, running is my primary weight management tool. Having that taken away really forced me to look at what I eat and make better food choices. South Lake Tahoe has tons of great places to eat and shop for food.
  4. Do some goal setting. What better time to reassess your goals—your realistic goals that is—than now when you aren’t out training for something every day.
  5. Shop! When all else fails, shop! Clean out your old gear and make a list of what new gear you need. Donate your old shoes, and you will be thrilled at the assortment of cute injury prevention gear including pink ankle braces, cow print compression tape and ice bags covered in martini glasses!
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Caryn Tijsseling

I am 40. Yes, 40. I am an attorney, aspiring philosopher and yoga teacher. I have a son who I love more than anything on this planet and two Golden Retrievers. My vices are Chardonnay, cupcakes, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids.


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