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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of September

Hello, Lake Tahoe Enthusiast! Valerie here, a South Lake Tahoe local and Tahoe South staff member. I'm thrilled to share with you our monthly #TahoeSouth images.

10. Cheers to the Wild Things

The best views of Lake Tahoe are truly the ones on the South Shore, just look at that view THO!

9. Yummy

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When the weather is gray and much cooler than normal, Tahoe breaky is the best choice to enjoy good food and the views too.

8. Maggies Peaks

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Really, get outside and enjoy the outdoors. We promise you won't be disappointed.

7. Tahoe Love

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8,200 feet truly makes everything even that much better, true love!

6. Above 10,000 Feet

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Freel Peak is a bucket list to do's.

5. Make a Wish

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Rainbows for days, moments like these make Lake Tahoe even that more magical.

4. That View is on Point

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Like we said, Lake Tahoe is truly magical.

3. Best Friends

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Memories in Tahoe last a lifetime.

2. Hero Dirt

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What's hero dirt? Imagine an epic pow day, but for mountain biking.


1. End of Summer

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And then... There are the furry friends of Lake Tahoe who just win our hearts over.

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