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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of June

Hello, Lake Tahoe Enthusiast!

June finally came and went. Hello JULY! We're Lake Tahoe locals which means, we're beyond stoked for these next two months. We hope everyone enjoys these warmer months and lake life. Let's be sure everyone picks up after themselves too, you see it - you pick it up - PLEASE! :)

With that, here are our top 10 #TahoeSouth Instagram images from this past month. Be sure to use our hashtag to be featured.

10. Hammock Life

Instagram Link

We highly recommend purchasing a hammock and find your spot.

9. Google Pixel

Instagram Link

When the new up and coming local photographer, Cody Blue, knows how to get the shot.

8. Story Bikes

Instagram Link

Tahoe adventures on Story Bikes, where will your adventure take you?

7. Outside Lanes

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When finishing up an evening of mountain biking here in Tahoe South reminds you that life is truly amazing.

6. Parasailing over Big Blue

There are some adventures on the ground that are just so much fun, but, being above the lake at 1,000 feet is another experience. Be sure to book your next adventure flying high.

5. S' mores Fun!

Instagram Link

When in Tahoe, you s'more it up!

4. So Many Decisions!

Instagram Link

If you haven't been to this location, you should definitely stop by the Beach House. Some of the best view of Big Blue and great food!


3. Boat Life

Instagram Link

We're pretty sure we can speak for everyone when we say when you spend a summer here in Lake Tahoe, you never will want to leave.

2. Catch n Release

Instagram Link

And... fish season is in full swing. :)

1. Wake Surfing Big Blue

Instagram Link

If you love surfing then you'll love wake surfing. Our #1 Instagram photo from the month of June!

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