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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of July

Hello, Lake Tahoe Enthusiast!

If you've been following along... You'll come to realize and join us in this never-ending shock of realization that time goes by so darn quickly!!! July is over... So, let's embrace this awareness and live in the moment and look forward to what tomorrow has in store for us.

"We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now." - unknown

10. Ice Cream at the Tallest Peak

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10.2 miles (o/b), 3,290 feet of elevation gain, and views of Lake Tahoe at 9,735 feet - living life. The best part of this photo is, how did they get ice cream to the top of the mountain? 🤨

9. Cheers to Lake Tahoe

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Family and friends are the world!

8. Fit Girl? Yes!

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Paddleboard? Check... Mt. Tallac in the background? Check... Balance? Check... Handstand on the paddle board? Double check. #GOALS

7. Lake Days for Daaayyyysss

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Summer is truly about adventuring around Lake Tahoe and finding your hidden little piece of Tahoe.

6. Dawn Patrol

When you have to wake up at 2:15 am to get the shot. So worth it!

5. Summer Fun!


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Who doesn't have fun in Big Blue?


4. Monday's Have Me Like...

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I'm not confident enough to make this jump, but, if you're... "PENCIL"!!!! I had a friend one time, who didn't pencil and decided to just send it... What happened next? Well, till this day, it puts a huge smile on my face and a true laugh out loud - ripped board shorts, massive bruise, and a dislocated disc (lower bottom area)... Was it worth it to change your jump style mid-air? NO! I'll never forget that scream when he came up for air. (shaking my head)

3. 4th of July in Lake Tahoe

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This was my second year watching the fireworks in Lake Tahoe and OMG! Amazing.


2. Dog Life

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My favorite dog picture! How cute is this dog?

1. Steph Curry

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When Tahoe Sports Fishing doesn't catch a fish, but, catches Steph Curry on their boat! If you missed American Century Championship here in Lake Tahoe, be sure to come out next year. You never know what's going to happen.

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Valerie Lomeli

Valerie Lomeli is a city girl turned mountain girl and all things Lake Tahoe. Retreating to Lake Tahoe for over 25 years, Tahoe has always played a special role in her life adventures. She grew up in Southern California, lived in San Francisco for four years, and now calls Lake Tahoe home! In her free time, she is out mountain biking, paddle boarding, skiing or relaxing at the lake. Truly a work hard play hard individual! Be sure to follow Valerie on Instagram - @Tahoe_Val and see all her favorite gems of Lake Tahoe.


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