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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of April

Hello, Lake Tahoe Enthusiast!

Typically we would be sharing in this blog post how the 2018-19 season has come to an end and warm days are in the session. Well, luckily ski resorts will be open through July! We had the fourth biggest winter ever recorded in Lake Tahoe, which means, skiing in shorts and bikinis. Here are our favorite images from the month of April. Be sure to use our #TahoeSouth to be featured.

10. Dog's of Tahoe

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We at Tahoe South love all things dogs, especially when these furry friends are enjoying Lake Tahoe as much as we do.


9. Yoga on the Beach

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First beach bachelorette part of the season, it's starting to look a lot like summer!

8. Motorcycling Around Lake Tahoe

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Exploring Lake Tahoe on two wheels is a great feeling (experts only please), but, driving is equally the same. If you haven't been out to Emerald Bay, we highly recommend it.

7. A Reflection of Mountains

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The M.S. Dixie is a great way to see Lake Tahoe and truly see it's beauty.

6. Top Gun?

With Top Gun 2 filming in Tahoe this past winter and no photos of the actual filming... We knew this was one of our top photos to share with you all.

5. Spring in Lake Tahoe

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From skiing to skateboarding, to mountain biking, truly living that best Tahoe life.

4. Cave Rock

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Winter wasn't over yet.

3. Sunsets at Fallen Leaf Lake

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Do we need to say more?


2. Yogi Bear

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Bear sightings are pretty common in Lake Tahoe, just be cautious and DO NOT feed the bears.

1. Multi-Sport Days

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Some people wonder if paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe is safe in the winter/spring time... Well, it is, to only advance and experts. Keep living that best life!

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