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How To Celebrate Earth Day In Lake Tahoe… Virtually

Besides Wednesday being a camel’s favorite day of the week, it’s also Earth Day. In fact, this year marks the 50th year it’s celebrated! In its simplest form, it is an opportunity for us to appreciate our surroundings. On a personal level, it’s a chance for you to honor the planet. After all, even a tiny bit goes a long way when it comes to saving the earth. While we wait for the pandemic to be defeated, here are a few organizations in Lake Tahoe that are doing their part to keep our area beautiful that you can donate towards to support as well.

The Importance Of Earth Day

Earth Day 2020

The very first Earth Day was originally called “May Day” and was held on April 22, 1970. We know what you’re thinking… isn’t it just another weird celebration on the calendar? Definitely not! Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin was disturbed that the environment wasn’t even a talking point in politics or even by the media. Inspired by the student movements of the time, he created the day to bring light to the importance of taking care of our environment. With an estimated 20 million people taking part in the 1st Earth Day, this helped eventually lead to national legislation such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

Lake Tahoe Organizations Helping The Environment

That initial march was against the laissez-faire attitude towards the environment. And now today here are a few organizations doing their part in Lake Tahoe’s community... along with the opportunity once the travel restrictions are lifted for us all to help the Lake Tahoe Basin as well.

Tahoe Fund

Tahoe Fund

Typically, when you hear about a conservation group, they’re tackling initiatives and corporations they feel are detrimental to their communities and surrounding areas. What if local businesses worked alongside these conservation groups, forming a united front to help restore the environment, improve outdoor recreation, and build a strong sense of stewardship? A great concept, right? Well, that’s the Tahoe Fund! Many of the local businesses in town like Lake Tahoe Yoga, Lake Tahoe AleWorX, and Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel donate to the cause. If you want to learn more about the Tahoe Fund, what they’ve done, and how you can donate, check out their website and what they call “green bucks.”

Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association

Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association

Another great way to spend time outside in the warmer months in Lake Tahoe is mountain biking. From hair raising monsters like Mr. Toad’s to more mellow cruising routes like Powerline, this network of multi-use paths must be maintained. The Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association makes sure that not just two-wheeled enthusiasts, but all trail users can enjoy the outdoor experience without degrading the clarity of Lake Tahoe. In addition, their goal is to enhance sustainable recreation and access to our public lands. A mighty fine goal if we say so as devout riders ourselves. To donate time or volunteer on a trail day, check out the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association website to learn more.

Tahoe Rim Trail Association

Tahoe Rim Trail Association

The “TRT” as its colloquially known is arguably one of the most scenic and accessible thru-hikes in the country. The whopping 165-mile trail that rings around Lake Tahoe welcomes over 440,000 users annually. While we all want to recreate in the great outdoors, it does take its toll on the environment. Luckily, the stewards of this amazing network with 10 official trailheads work nonstop to address obstacles, improve, and protect the trail we all love. Consider donating time or money to the TRT Association and have your gift matched!

Pledge For The Wild

Pledge for the Wild Lake Tahoe

“The proof is in the pudding” as the saying goes. So, what is Tahoe South doing to do their part not just on Earth Day but for the ENTIRE year? Well, we’ve teamed up with a group of mountain towns across the country to support responsible tourism in wild places. The initiative is called “Pledge For The Wild.” The idea is simple. Make it easy for visitors and locals alike to donate so that generations to come can enjoy our region. To make a donation to the Tahoe Fund, the nonprofit supporting South Lake Tahoe’s wild places, all you need to do is text WILD4TAHOE to 44321, or click here.

This is of course only a small sample of the many organizations that are doing their part in helping the environment. Again, thank you for loving us from a safe and social distance. Once it’s deemed safe by the health experts, we’ll be the first to welcome you back with open arms. And of course, we'll be joining you in all the fun that Tahoe has to offer too. Stay happy. Stay Healthy. And if you need to enjoy some “Tahoe Time” right from your couch, check out our article: Get Your Tahoe Fix From A Safe And Social Distance.

Find more virtual Earth Day events here, www.tahoesouth.com/events/week-of-virtual-activities-for-50th-anniversary-of-earth-day

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