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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of October

Hello, Lake Tahoe Enthusiast!

If you love fall as much as we do, then you're going to FALL in love with these October Instagram photos. Here are our Top 10 #TahoeSouth Instagram posts during the month of October. ENJOY!

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10. Tahoe Bear's

Bear's are pretty common in Lake Tahoe and when you see one, please allow 100 yards.

9. Bear Hug!

If you really want to get close to a bear we only approve bear hugs with statues. It's 99% safe.

8. Mountain Bike

The trails are still good and until the snow starts to fall, we recommend getting on two wheels and exploring Lake Tahoe.

7. Taylor Creek

Visiting Lake Tahoe in the Fall is a great time because... 1) The Kokanee Salmon are spanning; 2) Not that many people; 3) the Fall colors are just wonderful.

6. Fall Paddleboarding

Fall Foliage... Our favorite!!! Lake Tahoe is probably the most spectacular time to visit if you love the cooler temperatures and multi-sport days.

5. Horses in Tahoe

Next time you're visiting Lake Tahoe, you should visit Fallen Leaf and find these amazing wild horses.

4. Vikingholm

Adventure around Vikingholm you find peace and solitude.

3. Just Having Fun

The best part of Lake Tahoe you can meet these bears and get up and personal.

2. Horse Back Riding

If you want to see Lake Tahoe we highly recommend checking it out by the horse.


1. Lake Tahoe Sunsets

The best for last, visiting Lake Tahoe is a true adventure and there are so many gems, it's unbelievable.

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