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Tahoe family day with my toddler

- by Vanessa Vancour

The Child and I had a free day this summer, so I decided to explore South Lake Tahoe to see how truly kid-friendly it is.

Since I hadn't been to Heavenly Village in years, we spent our day there. It was perfect! The Gondola soon became known as the "choo-choo", and to this day I can't mention Lake Tahoe without her asking if we're riding the choo-choo.

We stopped for snacks on the observation deck and snapped a few shots of the incredible views. The ride is totally kid-friendly and worth the trip.


View of Lake Tahoe from Heavenly

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Georgette Hartley

Georgette loves adventuring outdoors and can usually be found exploring the trails, lakes, and peaks of the Sierra Nevada with her family.


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