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Top 5 ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Apres Ski Firepits in Tahoe South

Apres Firepits at Tahoe South

Apres Firepits at Tahoe South / Photo: Tahoe South

Tahoe South has mastered the art of Apres Ski, knowing that the fun in the snow can be topped off with food and drinks shared amongst friends. Getting toasty and comfortable around a firepit while sharing stories and laughter makes for unforgettable memories. Tahoe South offers the top 5 off the beaten path Apres Ski locations with firepits.

Artemis Lakefront Cafe:

Firepit at Artemis Ski Run

Firepit at Artemis Ski Run / Photo: Yelp User

This charming restaurant offers an array of Mediterranean dishes and signature cocktails that will tantalize taste buds. The cafe boasts beautiful lakefront views that can be enjoyed from the outdoor patio, accompanied by fire pits to keep guests warm. This location is a great option to either help start the ski day with a hearty breakfast or a place to relax after a winter adventure.

Coldwater Brewery:

Apres Beers at the Coldwater Brewery Firepit

Beers at the Coldwater Brewery Firepit / Photo: Coldwater Brewery

Located in the Swiss Chalet Complex, Coldwater Brewery is the leader in bringing the Tahoe craft beer scene to life. With 8 different homebrewed options circulating on tap, guests can sample glasses of “Mr. Toad’s Wild Rye” or “Stillwater Stout.” Cozy up next to one of the firepits and dig into the famous Tahoe Loaf, a sourdough bread boat filled with either cheddar beer fondue or kale artichoke dip.

Coachman Hotel:

New Apres Firepit area at the Coachman Hotel

New Firepit area at the Coachman Hotel / Photo: Coachman Hotel

The boutique hotel combines rustic comfort with a modern elegance that is quite inviting for an Apres Ski gathering. Only a few blocks from Heavenly Village, the Coachman Hotel welcomes guests to sip on beer or coffee while relishing the warmth of a fire on the vast deck.

Jimmy’s at the Landing:

Firepit at the Landing Resort Lake Tahoe

Overlooking the waters of Lake Tahoe, Jimmy’s at the Landing offers eclectic dishes paired with a selection of draft beers, wine or cocktails. The welcoming indoor and outdoor seating areas make for the ideal setting for Apres Ski. Jimmy’s also hosts an extensive Happy Hour menu to enjoy while reminiscing with friends next to the fire.

Emerald Bay Bar and Grill:

Brothers Bar and Grill Apres Firepit

Emerald Bay Bar and Grill Apres Firepit / Photo: Emerald Bay Bar & Grill

For an evening filled with live music, drinking games and social companions, Emerald Bay Bar and Grill satisfies that craving. Located on Emerald Bay Road, this bar and restaurant are a favorite among locals and visitors as the perfect location to unwind Apres Ski. Snack on some delicious bar food classics or try a signature dish such as the Naughty Chicken, while nursing a frosty pint.

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