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South Lake Tahoe Restaurants Worth a Visit

If you read this blog at all, you've probably figured out that we love to eat at South Lake Tahoe restaurants.

Whether it's outside on the deck with the dogs, during happy hour with friends, or out and about during Tahoe South Restaurant Week, our team of intrepid bloggers has never been known to turn down a meal. So when I had the opportunity to visit three of my favorite South Shore eateries for a recent work-related photo and video shoot, I jumped at the chance!

Riva Grill

Whether you are in the mood for a fancy night out, a great happy hour, or gorgeous lakeside views, Riva Grill is a definite go-to restaurant here on the South Shore. Located at Ski Run Marina, Executive Chef Peter Brinckerhoff has crafted a menu that is sure to have something for any tastes. My favorites: the ahi poke stack appetizer and wet woody. If you're visiting during Restaurant Week, be sure to stop in and try their specially selected prix fixe menu.


I can has Cheezburger? | Photo by Matt Morning


Seared Diver Scallops | Photo by Matt Morning

ECHO Restaurant

I've always enjoyed the food at ECHO Restaurant, located in the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel near Heavenly Village, and after this shoot, I developed a bit of a crush on Chef Sal Delgado. His passion for the art of cooking was absolutely infectious. More relaxed once the cameras were turned off, Chef Sal explained how he builds his menu as he treated us to some amazing lunch items - the Korean short rib street taco and French Dip were delicious! Their "My Tahoe" menu updates regularly, so stop in whenever you are in town to try inventive, yummy takes on your favorite dishes.


Kalbi Street Tacos | Photo by Matt Morning


French Dip, with a twist! | Photo by Matt Morning

MacDuff's Public House

Personally, it's not summer until I've had a draft beer and a Mean Green Machine - white sauce, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, spinach, and fresh basil, wood-fired to gooey perfection - out on Mac Duff's patio with friends and our dogs. And once the weather starts to cool off, the Truffled Mac & Cheese is the very pinnacle of comfort food. Overall, the food is always delicious, portions are super-generous, and the crowd is tough to beat.


The famous Truffled Mac & Cheese | Photo by Matt Morning


Roasted Beet Salad | Photo by Matt Morning

What are your favorite South Lake Tahoe restaurants?

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