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TRT challenges inexperienced mountain bikers

- Kathryn Reed (Originally published via LakeTahoeNews.net on July 13, 2014)

Experienced mountain bikers had warned us the Kingsbury Grade to Spooner Summit segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail was beyond our abilities.

We didn’t listen.
We didn’t make it.
It didn’t matter.

The three of us accomplished much more. We proved to ourselves that we are better mountain bikers than we thought and we can handle more than just a dirt trail. We liked pushing ourselves to traverse what was new terrain to us.


TRT Mountain biking

Views of Lake Tahoe are visible a short ways off the trail.

TRT Mountain biking trails

Rosemary Manning rides a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Admittedly, it does say something about our mountain biking skills when it’s probably going to be faster to hike this section than it is to bike it. Still, we had a blast. Continue reading on LakeTahoeNews.net.

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