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Tahoe Craft Beer Contest for Spring Loaded at Tahoe South

Tahoe Craft Beer Contest

Last April for the first time, some of the Tahoe-Truckee region’s best breweries gathered for a truly unique event — a blind taste test where participants were asked to pick their favorite beers.


The contest returns this Sunday, April 7, and this year, the all-you-can-drink event aims to be more accessible with reduced ticket prices and a streamlined approach.

The second annual best of Tahoe Craft Beer Contest, organized by the Tahoe Tribune and Lake Tahoe AleWorX, will take place at AleWorX’s Y location (The Crossing Center).

The contest features an IPA, light and dark beer from six local breweries. The participating Tahoe-Truckee breweries will include Alibi Ale Works, Cold Water Brewery and Grill, FiftyFifty Brewing, Sidellis Lake Tahoe, South Lake Brewing Company and South of North Brewing Company (previously known as Outpost).

All beers will be randomly tapped on AleWorX’s self-serve tapwall with the handles blacked out — making it a truly blind taste test.

That aspect is what originally drew AleWorX into the partnership, said founder and CEO Luca Genasci.

A person’s brew preference often comes down to graphics, marketing and factors that don’t actually pertain to the taste of the beer, he said. Removing those elements from the equation “really forces you to isolate the taste bud experience.”

“Last year it was really fun to see the sensory experience … because you really don’t realize how much your visual ... knowledge of the graphic of a specific brewery.”

The cost of admission gets you as much beer as you want from noon to 4 p.m. the day of the event. Tickets are priced at $35 and can be purchased at bit.ly/TahoeBeerTicks.

The beers will be randomly organized within the three styles: IPA, ligh, and dark. Voting will be done online during the event and there will be scorecards to mark your tasting notes.

For the uninitiated, AleWorX’s tapwall is self serve. Attendees get a wrist band that when held up to the screen area associated with the desired beer, the tap opens and allows the person to pour as much, or as little, beer as they want.

Aside from the beer, there will be live entertainment (the duo of Adam Bergoch and Alex Barrera will be performing) and AleWorX food available for purchase.

Of course, though, it’s all about the beer.

Check out Tahoe Craft Beer on Instagram:

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