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Sunrise and sunset in South Lake Tahoe

There's something about how the sun travels across the sky that continually awes us. We simply love pictures of sunrise and sunset over Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Sunset. Photo by Steve Dunleavy.

South Lake Tahoe Sunset, New Years Eve. Photo by Steve Dunleavy, via Flickr.

Sunset over Lake Tahoe

Sunset from Lake Tahoe's east shore. Photo by Abe Blair Fine Art Photography.

Sunset Cruise Lake Tahoe

The Tahoe Queen in Emerald Bay at sunset. Photo by Lake Tahoe Cruises|Zephyr Cove Resort.

Lake Tahoe Sunset

Lake Tahoe sunset. Photo by Daljit Singh.

Lake Tahoe Winter Sunset

Wrapping up a fun weekend with a dramatic Lake Tahoe sunset. Photo by Ian Alexander Norman, via Flickr.

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Georgette loves adventuring outdoors and can usually be found exploring the trails, lakes, and peaks of the Sierra Nevada with her family.


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