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Living the dream at Dardanelles Lake Pausing for a Warrior III amidst mosquitoes on the way to Dardanelles Lake.

When I first moved to Tahoe South my sister would call me up and say, "You live in a postcard, I bet you forget that it's beautiful out there."  Not for a moment.  Never have I forgotten to enjoy the beauty of our lake, the mountains and the freshness of each breath I take in.  What I have done is the same thing that I did in Boston.  I have forgotten to take the time to see my home in the way that the thousands of visitors do; as an outsider.

Living the dream- biking to ski Tallac
Riding my bike to hike, to ski Tallac

There are so many opportunities to enjoy unique experiences at Lake Tahoe.  When I mountain or road bike, take a hike or just a walk, I am always amazed at the things I see.  Have you seen all of the flowers that bloom in the basin?  Have you poked one of those giant, and I mean like palm-sized, beetles out in the woods?  Have you hiked Tallac, gone up to Eagle Falls or ridden the trolley?  This spring, I went to Valhalla for the first time.  We hit up the Renaissance Faire and I plan on going to the Gatsby Fest (who doesn't want to dress up like it's the 20's and dance with their knees?).   For the second year in a row, we will watch the best 4th of July fireworks from the best seats in the basin.

Living the dream- 4th of July Fireworks
Fireworks from the lake

Yoga means Union.  How can we find union if we aren't connecting with everyone, everything and every experience available?  Get off your smart phone and look around.  Enjoy the experience of hearing conversations and engaging in one.  Connect with the people around you instead of the internet (your Instagram post can wait).  Laugh, smile and feel the joy of being engaged with others.  Recognize the mirrors they provide - the lovable and annoying aspects.  See yourself as an outsider.  Don't just look around, be around.  Be a part of this place we call home and show your support for all the hard working business owners who have made Tahoe what it is.  This is how you'll find yoga.

Learn to practice yoga everywhere.

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Jenay Aiksnoras

Jenay Aiksnoras, RYT is the director at Lake Tahoe Yoga. When she's not in the studio, during the spring, she is out running the trails through the forest, riding her road bike around town and mountain biking. For information about classes or private sessions, visit Lake Tahoe Yoga.com.


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