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Bringing learning into the 21st century

This is the second in a series of posts about the new facilities at South Lake Tahoe High School.

“Researchers are finding a clear link between technology, achievement and motivation. Most experts engaged in the technology debate agree that students and teachers tend to be more engaged and interested when technology is an integral part of teaching and learning.” – The National Education Association

South Lake Tahoe High’s brand new Stadium View Building houses the math department, environmental education, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), ROP, dental and business programs. The building is LEED certified and features graffiti resistant walls.  The foyer has an exhibition on the environmental importance of Lake Tahoe. Here, in the two-story building, is where you will find South Tahoe High’s “traditional” classrooms.

These classrooms look drastically different than the one you grew up in. Each of the 15 classrooms is technologically advanced. Imagine a classroom with interactive whiteboards, which combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, allowing teachers to email hand written board notes to students and delivering more dynamic lessons to their students. Digitized textbooks allow instantaneous revisions. Four channel mixers and surround sound, coupled with flat screens, allow students to hear the teacher’s audio from a wireless microphone along with that of the video he or she is playing. Students carry 1:1 wireless capable netbooks on loan for the year. The best cell reception in town can be found on the grounds thanks to in-building cellular from ATT.

Stadium View is also home to AVID. Students enrolled in this program choose it over taking an elective. AVID is designed to accelerate student learning. The program has been so successful in our community that it was extended to the primary grades.

Upstairs, a new kind of vocational learning is found. The dental lab features digital labs and traditional x-rays. Students start earning accreditation for their dental assistant certificate and fast track towards an x-ray license.

Next door to the dental lab is the business academy.  When launched, the program will feature a full office environment. Students enrolled in the academy will experience a full business model complete with CEOs. They will learn to design and implement a business plan to help them create, market and sell a product over length of the course.

The most unique and awe-inspiring classroom in the building is the earth sciences lab. Featuring the only 3D equipped flat screen in the building, the earth sciences instructor is focused on teaching green issues.  Their learning environment here is accompanied by a full greenhouse.

With broadband connections and technically advanced “smart” classrooms, our local high school has become a model for learning in the 21st century.

Next month: South Tahoe High School’s CAT Building and vocational programs.

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Lauren Lindley

Lauren is one of our regular blog contributors. Read about her crazy fun adventures as a passionate photographer, athlete and traveler on her personal blog.


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