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5 things I’m missing about Tahoe South from the other side of the world

"Wherever you go, you're missing out on something somewhere else." This is the thought that kept going through my head over Memorial Weekend as I saw my Facebook feed full of amazing photos from Lake Tahoe. Memorial Day means that summer has officially begun in Lake Tahoe, and I oozed with envy as I saw photos of my friends boating, paddle-boarding, and mountain biking around North America's most beautiful lake.

Not that what I'm doing right now is not amazing. I'm currently traveling for three months in Thailand with my family. We are seeing amazing scenery, eating amazing food, riding elephants, feeding monkeys, and having the experience of a lifetime. For me, the cost of round-trip airfare to the other side for a family of five is not nearly as great as the cost of what we are missing out on at home in Lake Tahoe.


Beach Days at Baldwin Beach
You've probably seen amazing photos from beaches in Thailand. I am here now, and I can tell you that they are amazing. So is Baldwin Beach, though. Being at Baldwin Beach with our friends while our kids catch tadpoles in the stream is a little piece of heaven. I can never decide which way to turn my beach chair. Do I look out at the lake or do I look toward majestic Mt. Tallac?

beach days at Baldwin Beach

Boating with friends
The beach is great, but there's something amazing about being out on the water. I did not really realize this until last summer when we won the lottery. At least it felt like we won the lottery when some of our very good friends bought a boat. We love going out on the water with them in their boat, jumping in for a swim in Emerald Bay, wake-boarding, and going out to watch the fireworks.

Lake Tahoe Fireworks

Road biking and mountain biking
Some of the best mountain biking in the world can be found in Tahoe South and since I am in Thailand I am going to miss America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride, the 72 mile ride around Lake Tahoe, which takes place on June 1.

Hiking the Desolation Wilderness
With so many lakes, waterfalls, and peaks, I can't think of a place in the world I would rather hike than in the Desolation Wilderness. My favorite day hike is from Echo Lake to Lake Aloha. My wife and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary this year in Thailand, but for our 8th we did an 18 mile hike with 7,000 feet in elevation change from Echo Lake to Emerald Bay. You can read about that hike here.

Wednesday Night SUP Series
Paddle-boarding seems to have taken over Tahoe South, and my friends Chris Bracket and his son Jared have led the charge with South Tahoe Standup Paddle. Their Wednesday Night SUP Race Series is like a big gift to the Tahoe South community. We'll also miss out on Race the Lake of the Sky June 28 - 29.

Thailand is amazing, but wherever you are, you're missing out on something somewhere else. I'm missing a lot in Tahoe South.

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Clark Vandeventer

A once upon a time candidate for US Congress, Clark Vandeventer is the author of unWorking, available on Amazon. You can read his blog on travel and lifestyle design at FamilyTrek.org and follow him on Twitter @clarkvand.


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