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5 Things To Do If You’re Under 21

5 things to do if you're under 21 at South Lake Tahoe. As someone who has lived here their entire life here in Tahoe, there are times when I gotta figure out what to do with my day. If you’re someone who happens to be under 21 years old, it can be tricky finding things to do especially when the casino area is not (entirely) available. Have no fear, here are 5 of my top favorite things to do around Tahoe if you’re 21 or younger.

Bowling Alley  

5 Things to do if you are under 21 - Tahoe Bowl

Photo Credit: Tahoe Bowl

I’ve been going to Tahoe Bowl for the majority of my life. From birthday parties, to school celebrations Tahoe Bowl is a great place for family and friends.I recently went with friends and was reminded of how fun bowling is. They have old school style arcade games, a bar for those 21 and over, and great food in case you develop an appetite during your game. Tahoe Bowl is also very affordable.


5 Things to do if you are under 21- Harveys Casino Arcade

Harveys Casino Arcade / Photo Credit - Oyster.com

So the casino isn’t entirely off limits. Both Harrah’s and Harvey's have arcades that are easy to find and distant enough from the casino area (in case you were worried). Harrah’s arcade also has a jungle gym. They have old school style arcade games as well as modern day “flappy bird” game consoles. Going to the arcade is a great way to do physical things while getting a little bit competitive with your friends/family members.


Tahoe Sports & Entertainment South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena:

5 things to do if you're under 21 - Ice Skating

Ice Skating / Photo Credit Tahoe Arena

Ice-skating is yet again another fun physical activity that families and friends could definitely enjoy. South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena is another affordable facility to try out. They include a food court, a warm sitting area to warm as well as TVs to watch to shows in case you needed to warm up and need entertainment.

Heavenly Village Outdoor Ice Skate Rink:

5 things to do if you're under 21 - Ice Skating Rink at Heavenly Village

Ice Skating Rink at Heavenly Village Lake Tahoe / Photo Credit - Tahoe South

During the wintertime, the mini golf course is taken out and switched for the ice rink. It’s a perfect location since it’s within the Heavenly Village area. So if you’re hungry, interested in an outdoor (or indoor activity like the movies), the Marriott is a perfect place for families.


5 things to do if you're under 21- Heavenly Village Cinema

Heavenly Village Cinema / Photo Credit - Shops at Heavenly Village

In the same location at the ice skating rink in the Marriott, right next door is the Movie Theater. Usually on days where I don’t really want to be outdoors nor inside either, I usually hit up some friends and recommend going to the movies. The Heavenly Village Movie Theater has great snacks and their seats are really comfy. (Again) since its location is at the Marriott it adds to more of the activities that people under 21 can do.

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