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Valhalla Renaissance Faire 2015

Valhalla Renaissance Faire  June 5, 6 & 7, 2015.

7 Acres of Continuous Entertainment on 4 Stages, Scores of Merchants & Over 1000 Actors, Hard Hitting, Lance Splitting Jousting, Live Sword Fighting, Children's Games, Educational Demonstrations, Jugglers, Magicians, Minstrels, Food, Beverages, & Fun! Check out their Facebook page.

Family Day @ Valhalla Renaissance Faire. On Friday June 5th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Faire will open for school field trips and families. Family day is geared towards elementary and middle school age students, and public, private, and home schools, and anyone else with young children are welcome. Ticket Prices: $7 for adults  *  $5 for Children 6-12


There is parking across the street from faire, but it is first come, first serve and it usually fills up REALLY quickly. Parking at this lot is $5.00.

We will be running two revolving busses from the casinos at stateline, to the Y and then to the site. I suggest you part at the Y, your trip will be quicker. Park  at KMart, or better yet, TJ Max (the Y itself). We will be picking people from that location.

If you want to brave through to the parking lot across from the faire, but find it full, rather than tuning around drive another 2 miles further on 89. On the right hand side there is a parking lot called Snow Park. It is pretty large, worth parking at. We will be running a van from that location to the site and back.

The busses to site from the center of town will run from 9:30 through 6:30 Saturday and Sunday, both weekends. The Mini van from Snow Park will run longer hours.

If you park at Snow Park, please make sure to not leave ANY Valuables and more importantly any food, drink etc in your car. Bears have come down from the hills and our cars don't make very good strong boxes. Although we will have security staff keeping an eye on the parking lot, you are parking at your own risk there.

Valhalla Ren Faire

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