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After traveling for the holidays, Cam and I were excited to get back to Tahoe and out on the slopes. We've spent the past two weekends skiing, and I wanted to share a few photos as we've had some great days on the mountain in 2013.

We're extremely fortunate to live so close to great skiing here in Tahoe South. Heavenly is one of Tahoe's main ski resorts, straddling the border between Nevada and California, and our house is really close to the lifts on the Nevada side. This is our second year having season passes and we love it! It's awesome because we can ski any time, but we also have the freedom to go home if the weather conditions change. But so far this year, the weather conditions have been great!

The first weekend of January was our first time out this season. Our friend Neil was visiting and our friend Aaron (who lives in Reno) also has a season pass, so the four of us made a day of it. The weather was so nice Cam and I decided to forgo our heavy ski coats and just wear our softshells. We were able to get a lot of runs in and stayed out most of the day. Heavenly has extremely scenic views of the lake from so many of its runs, and I love that they have photographers taking pictures for free and it uploads automatically to Facebook with my season pass.

I convinced the guys to stop for photos, and here are a couple of my favorite shots from the day, along with some photos I took:

699 - winterweekend2.jpg 
702 - winterweekend5.jpg
Heading to eat lunch at the Sky Deck700 - winterweekend3.jpg
703 - winterweekend6.jpg
I was able to find a lunch option that worked with my diet.  701 - winterweekend4.jpg

704 - winterweekend7.jpg
It was a little bit cloudy, but mainly blue skies!

This past Saturday, Cam and I went skiing on our own and had another fantastic day. However, it was cold...as in -9 degrees when we woke up (according to my phone)! We got on the lifts around 10 am and it was still pretty frigid, however, it was an absolutely perfect bluebird day. The sun was shining, it was so crisp and clear, and I swear, the views of the lake were even more amazing than usual. We didn't have the Heavenly photographers take our picture but I snapped a few photos with my phone to capture the gorgeous day before we headed home around 2 pm.

705 - winterweekend8.jpg
View of some snow down in the valley on the Nevada side

706 - winterweekend9.jpg

The beauty of the lake hits you when you get off the lift so a lot of people usually stop to take pictures. I'm sure most of the people taking pictures are on vacation and I only live five minutes away. I don't care; the view gets me every time. I probably have a million pictures of the lake by now, but it always looks a little different each time depending on the clouds and color of the sky.

697 - winterweekend10.jpg
The name "Heavenly" truly fits this incredible place 

698 - winterweekend11.jpg
View of Pyramid Peak

I think Heavenly is by far the best place to ski in Tahoe, simply because the views of the lake are unbeatable. However, our passes give us access to two other resorts in the area, Northstar and Kirkwood. We're planning to ski at both locations in the weeks to come.

I'm not the best skier, but I am improving and I couldn’t be learning to ski in a more beautiful place. I'll be posting more pictures throughout the season, but in the meantime, follow me on Instagram to keep up with all our skiing adventures.

Jane Marie is a Lake Tahoe resident, blogger and foodie. Travel is her passion and she loves the outdoors. Follow Jane Marie on her personal blog.

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