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Sweet Talk and Good Times in Tahoe South

I grew up surrounded by feminists, hippies and school teachers. If you told me I was going to go to Sweet Talk, a burlesque, cirque-style show in South Lake Tahoe and have a blast, I’d probably roll my eyes. But, when you have a group of friends who want to hit the town and enjoy some casino-style nightlife… anything goes.

And that’s how I found myself in the MontBleu Theatre, with the lights going down, a cocktail in hand and an open mind for whatever was about to happen. My senses were immediately flooded with techno music and dramatic lights as a troupe of geisha-styled vixens took the stage. My female companions and I exchanged glances around the booth -- What the heck were we doing here? And then the curtains parted and Sweet Talk: A Delicious Cirque-Kiss proceeded to blow my mind.


Sweet Talk at MontBleu Resort in Lake Tahoe | Photo by Dan WallischPhoto credit: Dan Wallisch for MontBleu Resort


The talent! The costumes! The pure athleticism! It was a highly entertaining performance. These lovely ladies were pros and they let you know it. A scantily clad Marie Antoinette did a jaw-dropping contortionist performance suspended 20+ feet above the stage. A Hunger Games-inspired pole dance routine seemed to be a crowd favorite, as a series of feathers, fans, defeats of gravity and muscular endurance swirled into a certain grace the dancer had about her. Throughout the show, a bustier-clad DJ proceeded to keep the choreography and sexiness in step. I loved every song she played and noticed I wasn’t the only one rocking out in the audience. Later in the show, she climbed down from the DJ booth and performed a solo fire dance with flaming cat claws.

Sweet Talk at the MontBleu Resort in Lake Tahoe | Photo by Dan WallischPhoto credit: Dan Wallisch for MontBleu Resort


Moment of truth: I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Sweet Talk. I expected to exchange snarky comments after the show about objectification and instead, I found myself exclaiming, “I don’t know which act I liked better; the black light and fluorescent outfit routine or the fire-dancing, flame swallowing DJ.” Everyone in our group, male and female, walked out with a smile on their face. I’d say Sweet Talk is just about perfect for date night (nudge, nudge my fellow Valentine’s Day celebrators) and even better with a group of friends. The show runs now through April 5, 2014.

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Jenna Palacio

Jenna Palacio is a communications professional who lives in South Lake Tahoe with her husband and two dogs. She suffers from acute wanderlust and enjoys traveling, snowboarding, paddleboarding and haute cuisine.


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