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SnowGlobe: Interview with Nobody Beats the Drum

SnowGlobe Music Festival is returning to Tahoe South for its second year and it’s not too late to join in on the fun. Three day passes and single day tickets are still on sale.

THE 21 DAYS of SNOWGLOBE: Counting down to all things involving the fest, including insider tips, band interviews, event coverage and more! Day seven of the 21 Days of SnowGlobe brings you:


Nobody Beats the Drum’s tour schedule from 2012 is enough to make you tired just looking at it. Jori Collignon, Sjam Sjamsoedin and Rogier van der Zwaag have been performing and touring worldwide since 2003. Considered to be the “future of Dutch dance music,” Nobody Beats the Drum kicked off the year in my hometown of Austin, TX at SXSW and then spent a dizzying amount of time touring North America including impressive stops at Ultra Music Fest, Sasquatch Music Festival, Pacha, Webster Hall and the Brooklyn Bowl all along the way wowing audiences with their unique sound, combining electro, hip-hop and break beat and impressive visuals at their live show, which includes a 9-screen installation. The Natural Thing EP was released this summer. Big thanks to Jori, who took a break from their exhausting schedule to answer 21 questions for the 21 Days of SnowGlobe.

Lauren: What’s your greatest accomplishment of 2012?

Jori: Well, I guess you could say that playing SnowGlobe is the cherry on the cake on the silver plate on the antique table in the art deco dining room of a 1930s villa with a view of the Pacific that has been our year. It’s been great finding a new audience for our music here in the states.

L: First album you ever bought:

J: An old cassette called Alfred Jodocus Kwak. It’s a story about a baby orphan duck – his mother has been run over by a car – brought up by cranky mole.

L: How do you order your pizza?J: Without cheese – it’s a religious thing.L: Who are your musical heroes?

J: There’s a lot of them – they are all dead.

L: Most memorable experience onstage?

J: For this year, playing a massive crowd at Sasquatch Music Festival, one of the first big festivals we played in the states, made us realize something special was happening.

L: Most mortifying moment onstage?

J: Dunno, everything went pretty smooth this year. Nobody died as I recall.

L: Food you can’t live without:

J: Me and Rogier: Rice and veggies; Sjam:  Anything that starts with the letter C (chicken, cheese, anything crunchy, chocolate chip cookies, coca cola)

L: Favorite drink to imbibe with:

J: Caipirinha (Sjam likes this too).

L: Fill in the blank: Pussy Riot’s music is shocking, perverse and demonic by Vladimir Putin.

L: Words or phrases you overuse:

J: “Love your questions, keep them coming.”

L: What turns you on?

J: A cup of black coffee, dark as a moonless night, on early morning, while watching the sun go up over Lake Tahoe, releasing all the possibilities the day and the world have to offer, then crawling back into the bed warmed by a gorgeous female presence.

L: What’s your motto?

J: Stop doing what is bad, keep doing what is good.

L: Who introduced you to music?

J: My dad, my primary school teacher, my piano teacher and The Beatles.

L: Favorite city?

J: We’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time in NY this year. We know some great people there and that makes it one of our favorite places to visit. Chicago has been amazingly good to us too. We’ve been to so many new cities on tour this year. I loved the vibes in Austin and Portland. I wish for the next year, we get to spend some more time in LA and San Francisco. There are so many great places out there. One day I’ll move to Rio de Janeiro probably, or Paris, or Berlin.

L: Qualities you admire most in yourself?

J: We’ve been touring the states for five, almost six months this year. That means being in the same car for days, sharing beds in stinky motels and smelling each other 24 hours a day. The fact that we’re having such a great time being on this strange adventure together is something I highly value.

L: Qualities you admire least in yourself?

J: They are stinky guys, it would be so much better if they were hot girls. Jack White, you smart man.

L: If you could eat a meal with anyone, who, what and where would it be?

J: Maybe a bowl of rice with some street kids in Calcutta for a change.

L: Three words your friends would use to describe you:

J: Depends on the night, but something like: drunk, annoying, sleeping

L: If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?

J: Sjam actually has a super power. He can fall asleep at any time in any situation.

L: Most interesting thing a fan has ever sent you?

J: The hostess we randomly met sent Cedric nude pictures from her hotel room the other day. She hadn’t heard the music and didn’t know Cedric isn’t even a musician in the band, but I guess our tour manager’s looks make the world go round for us.

L: Act that you are most looking forward to seeing at SnowGlobe?

J: Among the great line-up something am I especially looking forward to is Baauer’s set. He did some awesome stuff this year.

Nobody Bangs the Drum will be featured at the Sierra Tent on Monday, December 31, 8:30 – 9:45 pm.

Lauren is one of our regular blog contributors. Read about her crazy fun adventures as a passionate photographer, athlete and traveler on her personal blog

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