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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of June

Summer is in full swing here in Tahoe. These are our ten favorite #tahoesouth photos taken over the past month. These photos capture why June is one of the prettiest months to visit Lake Tahoe! Keep on posting!


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D.L. Bliss offers a wide sandy beach and turquoise waters perfect for relaxing, swimming, or doing water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. Located on the South West shore of the lake, just North of Emerald Bay, D.L. Bliss boasts spectacular lake views and coves filled with Caribbean colored water. For those more inclined to stay on land, there is the Rubicon Trail that runs through the park. The trail offers hiking alongside the water or along the cliffs above. Passing the Old Lighthouse, the trail eventually takes hikers into Emerald Bay.


The sunsets this month have been spectacular, like the one pictured above. Gathering along the beach at dusk is one of the best things to do on a Tahoe evening. A Tahoe sunset will never fail to impress. The best places in Tahoe South to admire a sunset are going to be on the Southern or Eastern shores because the sun sets over the mountains to the west. From these sides of the lake, you will see silhouettes of the Sierras and reflections of the sunset on the water.


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One of the reasons Lake Tahoe is so special is that it is one of the clearest lakes. In some areas, Lake Tahoe water is so clear that objects can be seen at depths of up to 70 feet below the surface. You may be wondering why the lake is so clear? One of the main reasons is that about 40% of the water that ends up in the lake each year falls directly onto the lake due to its large surface area. This means that this 40% does not touch any land and does not become run off, therefore, staying uncontaminated. Also, the Lake Tahoe Basin is based on a granite bedrock which does not easily break down into fine particles that could mix with water and threaten clarity. The Lake Tahoe system is nutrient poor thus limiting the number of algae that can grow in the water. Algae growth reduces water clarity. Visit the Tahoe Clarity website and the Keep Tahoe Blue website for more information.


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Desolation Wilderness, where this photo was taken, is one of the best places to hike, rock climb, and explore in the Tahoe area. As one of the most heavily federally-protected wilderness areas, Desolation is a 63,960-acre area of granite mountains, glacially-formed lakes, and meadows that lie just South West of Lake Tahoe. Permits are required when entering Desolation Wilderness for both day and overnight use. Trailheads with access from the Lake Tahoe side of the wilderness are the Echo Lakes TrailheadGlen Alpine TrailheadMount Tallac TrailheadBayview TrailheadEagle Falls Trailhead, and the Meeks Bay Trailhead.


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With warmer than average temperatures hitting the Tahoe Basin over the past few weeks, the snow pack in the high altitudes has been melting away very fast. With all this fresh water coming down the mountains, waterfalls are still flowing incredibly strong. Read our waterfall guide to find out where they are and how to get to them! Fun fact: during the heat wave the Tahoe area had this June, the lake rose 4 inches, which equates to roughly 12 billion gallons of additional water flowing into Tahoe!



This aerial shot provides a unique view of the Zephyr Cove area on the South East shore of Lake Tahoe. With a long sandy beach, gorgeous water, boats, and cruises like the M.S. Dixie II, Zephyr Cove has everything you could possibly need to have a perfect beach day.


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Tahoe is the perfect place to go mountain biking, whether it's on a dirt trail or a paved path, there is something for everyone. No matter what level of biker you are, there will be something for you, making mountain biking here a perfect family activity. Check out the Flume Trail if you're looking for some altitude gains and some fantastic views. Check out the South Shore Bike Trail in South Lake Tahoe through Camp Richardson if you're looking for a flat and easy ride with lots of beach access. If you're feeling extra gnarly you can even attempt to bike down a waterfall like 420tto did!



The sky was on fire this beautiful evening in Tahoe! This photo was taken near Fallen Leaf Lake and features Mt. Tallac in the distance. Fallen Leaf Lake is a wonderful spot for views, hiking, and getting in the water. While it is very close to Lake Tahoe, it is more off the beaten path if that is something you are looking for.


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This shot is so awesome that it captures not one, but THREE awesome summer activities to do here in Tahoe: boating, waterskiing, AND hot air ballooning. The caption is accurate indeed, "nothing quite compares." Hover over the gorgeous Tahoe water with Lake Tahoe Balloons on a morning this summer to get spectacular views of the lake. If boating and/or waterskiing looks fun to you, check out our summer activities guide to find out where to go!


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What more could you want than to hike to stunning Eagle Lake with a companion as cute as this?  Eagle Lake, pictured above, is a 1-mile hike from the Eagle Falls Trailhead in Emerald Bay. This hike is perfect if you are looking for a short and easy hike or if you have limited time to devote towards a hike. If you're visiting Tahoe with your furry friends, check out our blog on pet-friendly locations.


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