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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of July

This July has been hot and dry, the perfect weather for lake activities! These are our 10 favorite #tahoesouth Instagram photos that have been posted this month. Keep up the posting and tagging!


A post shared by Griffin (@tahoe_griffin) on

This photo features @tahoe_griffin and her dog backpacking in Desolation Wilderness. Desolation is the perfect place for backpacking because it is one of the most heavily protected wilderness areas in the United States. For this reason, it tends to have a feeling of desolation even though it lies only a few short miles from the busy shores of Lake Tahoe. Please be aware that dogs must be on a leash and that you must clean up after them if you are bringing them into Desolation.


Every July, celebrities flock to Tahoe South to compete with each other in the American Century Championships. This golf tournament, at Edgewood Golf Course, draws huge crowds coming to see their favorite entertainers and professional athletes driving at the tee box or putting on the green. This photo posted by the tournament's Instagram account captures this years winner Mark Mulder holding his trophy by the beach. This is his third time winning the tournament.


A post shared by Annika Peterson (@annikalayne) on

This photo captures one of Tahoe's best summer activities, mountain biking. Also pictured is a meadow and the famed Mt. Tallac in the distance. The summer essence of Tahoe is felt through this image.


A post shared by Tahoe Clarity (@tahoeclarity) on

Not many people associate Lake Tahoe with scuba diving but, it is more popular than you might think. Due to the cold waters beneath the surface, a wet suit is necessary. Although the water is too cold for very much plant or animal life, crawfish are quite commonly hiding between the rocks.


A post shared by Dan Walker (@walklightphoto) on

Pictured in this photo are several people free skiing in the middle of summer, proving just how much snow we received this past winter. Snow continues to stick around in the higher elevations, on mountain tops like this one. Visible in the distance is the cloud of smoke left behind after the Lights on the Lake firework show. Just in front of the smoke cloud, are the multitude of boats on the water enjoying the firework show from beneath. The boats are in the process of dashing back to the Tahoe Keys where most of them will be docked.


A post shared by Josiah Roe (@josiahq) on

Instagram user @josiahq recently did a takeover for us, capturing his weekend in Tahoe South. This photo of his in particular captures both paddle boarding and parasailing, two of the best activities to do here in July. Whether you want to be on the water or above it, there is something for everyone. Check out our summer activities guide for more things to do as we head into the last two months of summer.


A post shared by Claire Cudahy (@clairecudahy) on

Tahoe is notorious for getting choppy in the afternoons but, if you head out on the boat early enough in the day before any winds pick up, the water can be perfect for any of the towing water sports. Wake boarding can be a challenge when you're first learning but, once you stand up you'll never want to stop. Check out our blog on wake boarding in Lake Tahoe which features a personal story, some advice, and an awesome video.


This is a spectacular shot of the Lights on the Lake 2017 Firework show in South Lake Tahoe. This firework show is often ranked as one of the best 4th of July Firework displays in the country. With a huge variety of fireworks that are musically synced to a local radio station, it is no wonder this event draws thousands and thousands to the South shore of the lake every year.


A post shared by Candice Fox (@fox.c.n) on

This is a gorgeous shot of Tamarack Lake with reflections of the mountains behind and the clouds above. This small lake sits above Echo Lakes which are off of Highway 50 just to the West of South Lake Tahoe. Tamarack Lake rests along the trail that connects Echo Lakes to Lake Aloha, which is several miles back into Desolation Wilderness.


A post shared by Conor Freeman (@conorfreeman) on

Waking up before the sun comes up can be a tough thing for a lot of people but, with views like this I think most people would say it can be worth it. Emerald Bay is hands down one of the best places in Tahoe to catch the sunrise. From Emerald Bay, the sun will rise from the Eastern horizon above the bay, Fannette Island, the lake, and mountains in the distance. Reflections across the glassy water create a colorful spectacle like the one pictured above.

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Born and raised local youth, focusing on digital marketing and photography. Riis is an intern with the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority while attending school at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. While not interning or schooling, Riis enjoys, paddleboarding, hiking, and photography (IG: riisip ).


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