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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of August

Howdy! My name is Riis, and I've been having fun interning with Tahoe South this summer. One of my favorite projects was working on these Instagram blogs. I love photography and am in love with Lake Tahoe. It was such a treat to be able to go through the thousands of #tahoesouth tagged photos for the past four months. Here's our favorite 10 instagram posts during August. Enjoy!


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Sofia Vergara, and the cast of The Modern Family, enjoyed a week in Tahoe this August while filming the upcoming season premier. The actors were seen at Camp Rich in South Lake Tahoe. Be sure to watch the episode when it airs to see Tahoe South on the big screen!


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This here is a Yellow-Bellied Marmot, captured by a Go Pro on top of Mount Tallac. Marmots live above the tree line in the rocks on mountain tops. These decently sized mammals come out in the summer after hibernating all winter. To put their size into comparison, they weigh roughly 11 pounds on average. Look out for them when you're hiking into the upper elevations!


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Make sure to enjoy all the mountain biking trails in Tahoe South while the weather is still warm! The late summer is the best time to get outside.


The Heavenly Mountain Gondola is one of Tahoe South's best attractions. Departing from Heavenly Village in Stateline, the gondola will take you 2.4 miles up the mountain to a whopping 9,123 feet. From this high up, the views just don't get any better.


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This stellar photo was taken atop Mt. Tallac as the sun was rising from the East. The Mt. Tallac Hike is one of the best, and steepest, hikes in the area. But, the views are well worth it, obviously. The hike is about 6 miles from the trail head to the summit. Notice how glassy and calm the waters of Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake are at this time of day.


Check out this shot taken while backpacking into Desolation Wilderness, just inland from Lake Tahoe's West shore. August is the perfect month to go backpacking in this area because, there is minimal snow left in the higher altitudes and the temperatures do not start dropping in the night until September. So, start planning ahead to next August to come back packing in Tahoe South!


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Yet another gorgeous photo of Mt. Tallac. The lighting and summer haze in this photo make for a really interesting shot. Mt. Tallac is 9,735 feet above sea level, or roughly 3, 510 feet above the elevation of Lake Tahoe. During the month of August, Mt. Tallac stands out with it's dark rock face and it's melted snow patch in the shape of a cross.


If you're looking for thrilling adventure and breath taking views, zip lining at Heavenly Mountain is the thing for you. Check out all of the adventures they have to offer this summer before they close up for the season in preparation for winter.


Deep into Desolation Wilderness, when you hike in from Echo Lakes, is this beauty. This lake's name is Lake Aloha. Although rather a haul to get to, this lake is stunning. Sitting beneath Pyramid Peak, in the upper left of the photo, Lake Aloha is a rather shallow and long lake with hundreds of islands. Visiting this lake is a must if you're feeling up for a rewarding challenge.


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This is one of the coolest photos we have seen of an ice cave located not far from South Lake Tahoe. With snow lasting into the middle of summer this year, it is no surprise that we are still seeing structures like this.

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Riis Irving-Peterson

Born and raised local youth, focusing on digital marketing and photography. Riis is an intern with the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority while attending school at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. While not interning or schooling, Riis enjoys, paddleboarding, hiking, and photography (IG: riisip ).


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