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Mt. Tallac by the Full Moon

At 4:30 am, Sunday, September 30th, I met up with my friends Travis and Marissa to hike Mt. Tallac via the full moon. It was reminiscent of ski season, when I often meet friends at 5 am to ski before the work day begins. As we set out on the trail, we rarely needed our headlamps; the light of the moon was enough to illuminate our way.

We neared the summit just as the sun was rising over the mountains east of Lake Tahoe.

513 - tallac3.jpg

Beautiful view of the lake and Fallen Leaf Lake.

512 - tallac2.jpg

View down one of the classic Tallac winter ski lines

511 - tallac1.jpg

Another great shot from the summit of Tallac. Emerald Bay views.


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Meghan Kelly

Meghan has been enamored with sports her entire life. See more pictures from the Angora Lakes Triathlon, race results and read more about her outdoor adventures on her blog.

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