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Our Favorite #TahoeSouth Instagram Photos from the Month of December

Hello, Lake Tahoe Enthusiast!

Another year is under our belt and our Tahoe South family truly delivered some amazing imagery of their fun adventures in South Lake Tahoe.



10. Sledding in South Lake Tahoe

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For all of those travelers planning a visit to South Lake Tahoe or the Lake Tahoe region, there is indeed snow, you can ski, and sled! There's quite of "misconception" that if it's not snowing in Lake Tahoe then there isn't snow. FALSE! Or Fake News.


9. A View on Top

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There are not many places around the lake that you can get a view like this. And if you need more facts about if there is snow in Lake Tahoe... There is indeed snow above and below.


8. Remote Working

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Taking working remotely to a whole new level.

7. Alpine Wedding

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If you're as cheesy as I am then you'll fall in love with this image. If you're looking for a destination wedding with an alpine setting, Lake Tahoe has what you need.

6. Ice Skating

This may not apply to everyone, but I love when the weather drops to the low single digits here in Lake Tahoe. You can truly see mother nature at it's finest. If you're looking for some authentic ice skating or playing ice hockey with friends, we have it. Oh, and make sure you use all caution as necessary before playing on the ice. You've been warned.

5. Après with Friends

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Typically, I wouldn't recommend drinking and skiing. But, when it's a good day and you're out shredding with friends, why not share a cold one together especially with a view like this one.

4. SnowGlobe 2017

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The lineup for the 2017 SnowGlobe event is a good one. Hope to see you out there and dress warm!


3. Snowshoeing

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If you're looking for something to do and you love searching for frozen lakes. You should check out some of South Lake Tahoe's lakes.


2. Frank the Tank

I've been following this furry guy for a bit and I couldn't resist sharing this one. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

1. Lake Tahoe at High Above

Talk about getting the shot. This is one for the books... When you want to be inspired or find that next best shot to share with your followers Tahoe South has what you need.

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Valerie Lomeli

Valerie Lomeli is a city girl turned mountain girl and all things Lake Tahoe. Retreating to Lake Tahoe for over 25 years, Tahoe has always played a special role in her life adventures. She grew up in Southern California, lived in San Francisco for four years, and now calls Lake Tahoe home! In her free time, she is out mountain biking, paddle boarding, skiing or relaxing at the lake. Truly a work hard play hard individual!


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