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Cozy breakfast spots that leave Tahoe South locals and visitors happy and satisfied

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, but in Tahoe South, it’s taken very seriously and considered a tradition. Some neighborhood favorites are always prepared to showcase delectable plates for both visitors and locals. Fuel up for the adventurous day ahead!

Red Hut at Ski Run

Red Hut Cafe at Ski Run

Red Hut is a family-run restaurant and a local staple. With three Tahoe South locations, this establishment serves heaping platters of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. It’s also a great option for lunch offerings, and the Ski Run restaurant has a Soda Fountain as well.


The Driftwood Cafe serves up breakfast and brunch in South Lake Tahoe.

Before heading up the Heavenly Gondola for a thrilling day of skiing and snowboarding, stop by Driftwood Cafe in Heavenly Village. This “mom & pop” restaurant prides itself on serving large, generous portions to keep families full for the day’s excursions. Highlights include chicken fried steak and eggs, a variety of pillow-like omelets and waffles with the works.



Heidi’s Pancake House has been a homey establishment in the heart of Tahoe South, since 1964. With the European style historic charm and large stacks of signature pancakes, it’s hard not to fall in love with this location. With a large menu offering, there is something for everyone.

The Getaway Cafe in Meyers, CA | Just outside South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Getaway Cafe in Meyers, CA | Just outside South Lake Tahoe, CA

Located in Meyer’s, Getaway Cafe is known for its attentive staff, inviting atmosphere and excellent food. They encourage guests to enjoy each other's company and relax for as long as desired. Sip on refreshing mimosas with a plate of banana nut pancakes or scarf down the Hangover Helper if you had too much fun the night before.

Ernies Coffee Shop

Ernies Coffee Shop

An award winning cafe, Ernie’s Coffee Shop has been a Tahoe favorite since 1968. Located on Emerald Bay Road, Ernie’s features classic American foods with a twist. Try a hearty breakfast burrito and home fries with a tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.

As always, we want the hear from you! What other Tahoe South breakfast spots are your favorites? How do you enjoy spending the rest of the day after starting off with a delicious meal?

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Karin Sharon

Karin Sharon is a Bright Eyed Aspiring PR Girl. Having grown up in Lake Tahoe and lived in Denver for 4 years, she's nurtured by crisp mountain air and the 365 days of sunshine. Passionate about movies, beer and connecting with those around her, you can follow Karin on Twitter.

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