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21 ways skiing is like life

I've discovered something: skiing is like life. In between taking turns at Heavenly with beautiful Lake Tahoe before me, or while snacking on the best sweet potato fries in Lake Tahoe at Sierra-at-Tahoe, I've thought about all the different ways skiing relates to life in general. This list originally appeared here and I've never received more feedback on any ski related blog post I've written than this one.

21 Ways Skiing is Like Life

  1. Life is like skiing.  Until you have an “oh, sh** moment," you’re not really going for it.
  2. When I fall while skiing I know I’ve pushed myself beyond my limits and that the experience has made me better.  The same is true in life.
  3. There have been times while skiing when I’m really going for it and I think, “If I crash now, I’m going to really get hurt.”  The same is true in life.
  4. The person who is dressed like a doofus may be having more fun than the person who is decked out in all the new gear.
  5. Sometimes people try to mask that they don’t know what they’re doing by distracting you with expensive gear.
  6. If you take a wrong turn and get in over your head don’t worry about it.  Take your time and take it easy.  You’ll get through this.
  7. There’s not that much difference between a hard intermediate run and an easier advanced run.  But that little bit of progress is a huge psychological victory.  In life, psychological victories are important.
  8. People cry for different reasons.  You may think they’re upset when in reality they’re overwhelmed by the emotion of their first successful run after a day of falling on their butt.  Man, isn’t that true about life?
  9. Knowing the rules helps.
  10. Being willing to break the rules can help too.
  11. A bad day is a great story.
  12. There’s no use complaining about a season with less snow than you’d like. There’s also no use complaining that you wish you had more time or more money or more stuff.  Make the most of your circumstances and be thankful for what you have.  Be happy.
  13. Sloppy conditions can be fun if you just accept the reality.
  14. You have to learn how to maneuver around people that aren’t as good as you.  You can’t be intimidated by people who are better than you.
  15. Taking an hour-long break at the lodge could give you the energy you need for another three hours on the slopes.  It’s important to take a break.  The same is true in life.
  16. Conditions are constantly changing.  Adapt.  The world today is different than it was 5 years ago.  It’s still changing.  Adapt.
  17. Don’t let some jerk ruin your day.  It’s his problem, not yours.
  18. The harder you push yourself the more exhausted you’ll be, but you’ll also feel this great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.
  19. The early bird gets the powder.
  20. While the early bird gets the powder, the late riser is probably still in bed because they had a great night après-ski.
  21. Don’t take life or skiing too seriously.  Have fun.

I'd love to know your thoughts on my list and hear any additions you have to make. You can tweet to me @clarkvand or find me on Facebook.

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Clark Vandeventer

A once upon a time candidate for US Congress, Clark Vandeventer is the author of unWorking, available on Amazon. You can read his blog on travel and lifestyle design at FamilyTrek.org and follow him on Twitter @clarkvand.

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