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Tahoe Sports Massage: 60 Minutes of Heaven Near Heavenly

-Jayme Lamm

Take a quick gander around the 16.6 square miles that make up beautiful South Lake Tahoe and you’ll quickly see how active the community is. Whether it’s hiking, biking, stand up paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding or some other equally awesome outdoor activity - the town thrives outdoors. But each and every one of these activities wreaks havoc on our bodies and there are things we need to do to stay in tip top shape so we can continue to enjoy the fun stuff.

At the top of that list of course is drinking plenty of water and eating a reasonably healthy diet. Another is keeping your body and muscles in check and regularly getting massages. Massages are more than just a feel-good luxury that the super rich folks enjoy – every one of us, especially the more active we are, can benefit from a good massage.

Tahoe Sports Massage, located on Ski Run Blvd. just minutes from Heavenly Mountain Resort in the heart of the town’s action, is pretty new to the area (less than a year). The experienced and licensed massage therapists there know firsthand how important massages are for our active lifestyles. Our bodies are like cars – a car can’t run properly without regular maintenance. Our bodies are the same, especially when we repeatedly engage the same muscles, like riding your bike to work everyday or hitting the slopes every weekend.

Massages offered here include a custom massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, recovery sports massage, maintenance sports massage and couples massage. If you’re looking to enjoy a couple’s massage, this is one of the specialties at Tahoe Sports Massage with a private and spacious room fully equipped with its very own bathroom and great rates. For a list of services and more in-depth descriptions, click here.

899 - tahoe-sports-massage-couples-room.jpgThe couple's massage room at Tahoe Sports Massage

This range of spa services is not only good for locals who are active 24/7, but also for visitors who are using new muscles groups for the first time, like skiing at the beginning of the season, or for just plain relaxing. Massages will help your body repair your muscles, and the way Tahoe Sports Massage is set up, will surely give you a relaxing environment to help not just physically, but mentally.

The therapists at Tahoe Sports Massage will even go a step further and provide tips for things you can do on your own from stretching at home to help alleviate muscle stress and pain to sharing knowledge on warm and cold compress treatments.

Click here to check out the monthly specials offered at Tahoe Sports Massage and book yours today.

For other Lake Tahoe massage and day spa options, check out our listings here.

Jayme Lamm is a freelance sports and travel writer based out of Houston, TX and travels across North America covering as many sporting events and running races as humanly possible. She is currently in a full-court press writing her hugely opinionated sports column, The Blonde Side.

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