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Playing outdoors in Tahoe South

Participating in recreational activities when I was a kid always meant I played outside. Usually with friends, and generally until dark, coming home only after hearing my mom yell dinner was ready.

Mountain biking - with a view. Photo by First Tracks Productions

Mountain biking - with a view. Photo by First Tracks Productions

Participating in outdoor activities as an adult has meant gear. In fact, any outdoorsy activity in the past few years (for me, anyway) has meant pretty specific gear. Snowboarding, cross country skiing, mountain biking, road biking, swimming, running, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and triathlons each has its own long list of equipment, clothing, and footwear. Even hiking – really just walking with a view – “requires” special shoes.

Going for a mountain bike ride at a minimum involves changing into bike shorts, technical shirt, socks, windbreaker, and shoes that clip into my pedals. I need to dig out my hydration pack and bladder, de-funk and fill it, and grab my helmet and gloves. Then it’s into the garage for the actual bike, and a quick check of the tires, chain, brakes, and the handy bag that is strapped to the seat with emergency supplies (hint: make sure said supplies are in the pack, and not used up on your last trip). Then I can go for a ride.

Granted, this is not a big deal. I like to ride my bike, and I appreciate the creature comforts I have acquired for this activity. But this weekend, after a day filled with chores and busy work, I wanted to go for a quick bike ride before the sunset. I strapped on my helmet, pulled the bike out of the garage, and off I went in my jeans and t-shirt.

There was something wonderful about just getting on my bike and going for a ride. No special shoes, no fancy padded pants – just a girl on her bike, pedaling fast through the neighborhood with her dog running alongside. I made my way around the meadow behind my house, following the river on the muddy single-track. It felt like pure fun, not a workout. I felt 12. I felt awesome.

As this was Thanksgiving weekend, I was probably more aware than usual of the importance of gratitude in my life. I am grateful that I have things like a bike and the accompanying safety equipment. I am grateful I have the physical ability to participate in activities at a level I enjoy. I am incredibly grateful I was able to remind myself to have fun, and I don’t need to wait until everything is dialed in perfectly to get going.

Just don’t get me started on my snowboarding gear…

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Georgette Hartley

Georgette is a South Lake Tahoe resident and the Tahoe South marketing manager. She loves life outdoors and can usually be found exploring the lake, trails, and happy-hour hangouts with her dog, Jersey.

  • Brian Holloway

    I want to find a company or a person or group of people that could take me and my kids repelling. We have repelled down into Moaning Caverns. I’ve done it probably 20 times and my kids have done it once with no issues. I want to do this outside. South Lake Tahoe or Yosemite. Last year at the end of summer, my daughter and I were swimming in the pool at the bottom of the lower Yosemite falls as we watched a group repel down the face of the falls that were trickling less than a garden hose. It was awesome and we want to do it. Can someone point me in the right direction?(

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