Celebrities descend on Tahoe for 24th annual American Century Championship Golf Tourney

Posted in Golf | July 18, 2013 | By Tahoe South

- Clark Vandeventer

I don’t golf.

As much as I’d like to say that I’m a golfer, I’m not.  I used to own a set of clubs and I loved driving to the golf course with them in the backseat of my convertible.  It felt great, until it was time to swing.  I looked about as bad as Charles Barkley.  Maybe worse.

Friends gave me tips (yeah, yeah, yeah...) and I even got a lesson, but finally those clubs ended up on Craigslist.

Even though I’m not a golfer, attending the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe has long been on my bucket list.  This year’s American Century Classic is taking place July 16 - 21.

Each year this celebrity golf extravaganza is one of the highlights of summer in Tahoe South.  With long-standing veterans like NFL quarterback legends John Elway and Mark Rypien and newcomers like Michael Phelps and Larry the Cable Guy, there’s enough celebrity to make me feel right at home.  Maybe Olympic Gold Medalist Bode Miller will take a moment to give me a few pointers on my skiing.  Even former Vice President Dan Quayle will be on hand.  I hear he’s more comfortable on the links than he is at a spelling bee.  You can check out the full list of player’s at this year’s tournament here.

With all of this taking place at beautiful Edgewood Tahoe and scores of boats docked along the shores of Lake Tahoe, you can see why the event has been on my bucket-list.  This year, I'm going.

What else makes this event a “can’t miss” for me?

  • Try perfect weather forecasted for this weekend in Tahoe -- temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s, very little wind, and nary a cloud in the sky.
  • Then add in that Detlef Schrempf, the former Indiana Pacers All-Star who’s recently had his share of cameos on NBC’s Parks and Rec will be there.  By the way, I grew up in Indiana.

This year’s Celebrity Golf Week is already underway.  Practice Rounds and the Celebrity Am Tournament took place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The Celebrity Am will continue into Thursday along with the Korbel Celebrity Spray-Off Competition.  Thursday is also the last day that autographs are permitted.

The main tournament begins on Friday and runs through Sunday with events televised on NBC.  Tickets are available to all events.  For more information check out this page: American Century Celebrity Golf Tourney Information.  Tickets are also available at the front gate of the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.

I’ll be covering the event throughout the weekend for Tahoe South.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter @clarkvand for updates.  I’ll also be posting photos on my Instagram profile.  If I can get a few million people to follow me, maybe next year they'll let me enter the tourney. 

Maybe they'll even pair me up with Charles Barkley.

Clark Vandeventer used to wear business suits and go to important meetings.  He moved to South Lake Tahoe to reinvent his life.  He now spends his summers at the beach in board shorts and winters in his Helly Hansen gear skiing 50+ days a year.  When he’s not being a professional ski bum or having fun with his family, he’s blogging.  You can read about his family’s quest to work less, live more, and travel the world at  You should also check out his site

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